Masdar, Abu Dhabi: The Future of Sustainability

Masdar, Abu Dhabi is one of the most earth friendly, technologically advanced cities in the entire world. Just recently designed and manufactured by the most popular urban planners on the entire planet, Masdar has quickly grown and become very publicized in the news and media. When designing this glorious city, they had two main goals in mind. How to create it to have zero emissions and be completely environmentally friendly while also making it as sleek and modern as possible to appeal to investors and buyers.

Through blending these two worlds together, they made a incredibly efficient and glamorous city highly popular in today’s world. They used some of the newest green trends while also incorporating all modern design concepts and ideas. This city currently is able to withhold fifty thousand residents. This area has been designed in very compact quarters but through that makes it much more convenient for residents and tourists. Everything (all landmarks, services, stores, etc.) is located within 250 meters of walking distance.

This completely eliminates the need of personal vehicles. Transportation in and outside of the city is also very advantageous. There are multiple environment friendly high speed trains coming in and out offering transportation anywhere in the country. This highly advanced city cost over 22 billion American dollars to construct but has created a steady movement in changing to more green towns and cities. This has become the goal of many cities in North America to push to in a few decades. Through doing this it is much better for the environment and a lot cheaper in the long run too.

For tourists and visitors this is an mesmerising place to come and visit. You can witness, state of the art technology mixed with environmentally friendly methods way beyond our time. Well visiting this stunning city, all of your accommodations are painlessly managed and easy to book/request. You won’t have the need to find any transportation, since there is an transport system running through the city. You will be completely speechless after taking a ride in one of these devices they call an Personal Rapid Transit or PTR for short. They are small, dense little pods which can carry a small amount of people.

These transit systems run on a small connected web of specially designed rails and are incredibly fast and efficient. Due to these contraptions, it completely eliminates the need of personal vehicles, causing them to be banned inside of Masdar. Due to this ban, it has helped the city in many ways. Without the need of cars, it allows roads to be built much thinner only requiring space for pedestrians. This eliminates lost land where high rise buildings can be constructed. One thing which Masdar has done differently, than the conventional city is put most of their developments and transportation based around walking and bicycling rather than driving. This has been very influential as it has completely removed the nuisance of traffic in and around the city.

Due to all the intelligent techniques and methods which have gone into creating this city, it has also completely removed the element of Urban sprawl which benefits the city and environment in many ways. To be able to witness the true beauty and technological development of Masdar, Abu Dhabi you must travel to see it in the real world. Here you can truly see what it looks like when beauty meets efficiency. You will definitely love the experience and change the way you live your daily life because of it!   

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